Welcome to Mamre

Mamre Association is a Brisbane based non-profit organisation supporting families which have children with a disability.

Mamre believes that people with a disability and their families can have rich, full and meaningful lives within their communities and is committed to working with families in partnership to inspire, embolden and empower towards a better future.

At the core of Mamre is the Mamre Community; an intentional community affirming and upholding the worth of every person in society, whilst continuously pushing the boundaries for social change. From Mamre's early beginnings, the fundamental values of inclusion, relationships and friendship have continued to remain paramount, the word 'Mamre' meaning 'Mountain of friendship' in Hebrew.


Contact Disability Law Queensland

Disability Law Queensland (or DLQ) is a non-profit law firm that was established by Mamre in February 2016 to help people with disability and their families plan for the future, assert their rights and access justice.

DLQ’s main focus is assisting families that involve people with disability to safeguard their plans for the future for their loved one. DLQ prepares wills and associated documents as well as assisting with the establishment of trusts and power of attorney documents.

DLQ has already provided over 100 families with succession planning advice. DLQ has also assisted a significant number of people with intellectual or cognitive impairments to undertake their own succession planning work – including wills and power of attorney documents.

To make an appointment please call DLQ on 3622 1250 or email admin@dlq.org.au.

'A Man Makes His Own Luck' by Daniel Younghusband

'A Man Makes His Own Luck' is the next step in a lifelong journey towards achievement and big goals. In spite of being legally blind, a Type 1 diabetic, and being born with a rare form of dwarfism, Daniel has led a full life; from growing up in Africa with plenty of adventures in the bush, to immigrating to New Zealand at the age of 18 with his family. He doesn't believe 'disabilities' should hinder anyone from achieving their goals or ambitions. Coming after building Paua by Dan, a successful microbusiness creating beautiful paua shell and fine silver jewellery, he hopes this collection of his own life lessons and overcoming obstacles will inspire others to push themselves and make their own luck in life.

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