Welcome to Mamre

Mamre Association is a Brisbane based non-profit organisation supporting families which have children with a disability.

Mamre believes that people with a disability and their families can have rich, full and meaningful lives within their communities and is committed to working with families in partnership to inspire, embolden and empower towards a better future.

At the core of Mamre is the Mamre Community; an intentional community affirming and upholding the worth of every person in society, whilst continuously pushing the boundaries for social change. From Mamre's early beginnings, the fundamental values of inclusion, relationships and friendship have continued to remain paramount, the word 'Mamre' meaning 'Mountain of friendship' in Hebrew.


The Right Way - A dialogue about a Human Rights Act for Queensland

It is time for the introduction of a Human Rights Act in Queensland. 

Queensland’s unique single house parliamentary system leaves us exposed to the misuse of government power. A Human Rights Act would protect Queenslanders and improve Queensland’s system of government. Victorians and residents of the ACT have enjoyed the protection of human rights laws for years. Their experience is one of improved government accountability, improved service delivery and more transparent decision-making. 

Join us at Queensland’s Parliament House for a conversation about the role of a Human Rights Act in a free and democratic society.

Admission is free but bookings are essential as space is limited! 

To register or for more information, click here.