Welcome to Mamre

Mamre Association is a Brisbane based non-profit organisation supporting families which have children with a disability.

Mamre believes that people with a disability and their families can have rich, full and meaningful lives within their communities and is committed to working with families in partnership to inspire, embolden and empower towards a better future.

At the core of Mamre is the Mamre Community; an intentional community affirming and upholding the worth of every person in society, whilst continuously pushing the boundaries for social change. From Mamre's early beginnings, the fundamental values of inclusion, relationships and friendship have continued to remain paramount, the word 'Mamre' meaning 'Mountain of friendship' in Hebrew.


The Gift of Being a Socialite

I have always been a super social person and have always liked to be around lots of people. I have been lucky enough to have a number of great support workers who really understand me. Along with my mum, family members, support workers and keyworker, I have been able to plan a really great weekly program doing things I love to do.

At the moment I have a worker, Rebecca, who spends two days a week with me.

I have always loved animals and in particular dogs. Knowing this, my mum and my friend Chiara helped me start up my dog biscuit enterprise. So now on Wednesday, with help from Rebecca, I bake dog biscuits, then package and deliver to 2 local pet stores. Many dogs think my treats are delicious and I have a few loyal customers who I always supply.

Pave the Way Introduces Fee For Service

With an increase in demand for vision and planning services over the past couple of years, and the imminent arrival of the NDIS, Mamre Pave the Way is excited to announce that we are now offering ‘whole-of-life’ planning  on a “Fee-for-Service” basis.  Whether you require a complete whole-of-life plan, or you’re just looking to conduct a review of your current plan, Mamre Pave the Way can tailor a planning session to meet your needs.  If you’re interested in a whole-of-life planning session, please feel free to contact Mamre Pave the Way to discuss your needs.

P: (07) 3291 5800 or 1300 554 402         E: pavetheway@mamre.org.au       W: www.pavetheway.org.au